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More than just a windsurf fin !


SmartFins give you more fin power, earlier planing, unmatched up-wind capability, no spin-outs, better control and ultimate top-speed. The self adjusting asymmetrical profile of our windsurfing fins is a revolution in surfing !


The 32 cm slalom SmartFin replaces a standard 34-37 cm windsurf fin in combination with the same optimum sail area, board volume, and surfer weight. A shorter length has less resistance, more control, ensures very smooth and easy surfing and is also an advantage in shallow water.


“Smart” means that the asymmetrical camber profile can automatically adjust to the sailing course on either portside or starboard side. After you reverse course, the direction of the load on the fin reverses, and the camber profile clicks to the other side.


SmartFins are proven technology by instant successes in world top level slalom windsurfing competitions. See the news page (>>) for the successes of Smart surfers.


Read more about these powerful new performance fins on our technology page (>>) and order online (>>)!


New: extra spare brass inserts can now also be ordered.








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SmartFins ...More than just a fin...
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